From the producers of Grammy nominated, sell-out smash hit, INALA – a Zulu Ballet, Sisters Grimm presents
Voices of the Amazon – A rainforest dance musical from the heart of Brazil.

World Premiere in Moscow June 2017

Director: Pietra Mello-Pittman
Choreographer: Helen Pickett
Music: Ella Spira, Danny Nascimento, Dito Martins, Julien Davis.

Performances: Moscow, London, Singapore

Voices of the Amazon is a love story set in the Amazon rainforest, with vibrant and accessible live music and dance, comprising of ballet, contemporary and Capoeira, performed by 14 world class artists, highlighting the damaging effects of deforestation and inspiring and emotionally engaging people in global environmental issues and the loss of renewable medicines and plants.

Press for Voices of the Amazon

The UPComing, by Bill Kacir 

Voices of the Amazon, a sensational contemporary ballet musical…this sensorial feast is a testament to its producers, who have artfully synergized alacritous dance, sonorous voice, and mellifluous instrumental harmonies. Award-winning American choreographer Helen Pickett, who has worked with the likes of Scottish Ballet and Royal Ballet of Flanders, fuses ballet, contemporary dance and capoeira with a lush musical score born of a collaboration with Brazilian songwriters and world-renowned percussionists, Olodum.

Latitude Festival 2017 – Voices of The Amazon, by Nicole Evans

The Reviews Hub – London in Dance, Latitude Festival, Musical

“When anticipating an ordinary dance piece, the magic of the musical-theatre production that unfolds before us is almost unreal. Immersing us in its powerful imagery, the beauty of the movements alone is enough to drown out everything else around us… An almost Disney-esque piece that provides an extremely accessible journey into the world of contemporary musical-dance…simply sublime”

Broadway World: VOICES OF THE AMAZON, Latitude Festival 2017, by Rona Kelly

Helen Pickett‘s choreography is thoughtful.…stunning choreography… An impressive spectacle visually and audibly.

Miro Magazine, Sadler’s Wells Theatre 2017, By Daniel Perks

Capoeira mixes with contemporary ballet in Helen Pickett’s complex choreography that weaves in and out of the story, never distracting from purpose but colouring the atmosphere in hues…rich and vibrant…Pickett outdoes herself by combining graceful connections with animalistic ferocity.