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Camino Real

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World Premiere: Helen Picketts Full-Length ‘Camino Real’ BalletChelsea Thomas, Mar 25, 2015

When leaving the theater after the world premiere of Camino Real by Atlanta Ballet, the following sentiments could be overheard from attendees: “That was so different and unexpected!”; “What a fascinating show; I’m going to have to come back just to soak it in again!”; and “Wow! That was unique! Dancers aren’t usually delivering lines while dancing. Oh, and weren’t the costumes and the set unusual too?!”

Theatergoers left the Cobb Energy Centre fraught with thoughts and fully involved in conversation, trying to process what they had seen. And for good reason! This production, which was inspired by Tennessee Williams’ 1953 play of the same name, was truly one of a kind.

Atlanta Ballet definitely took a risk with premiering this new full-length contemporary ballet (or rather, “dance theater work” according to choreographer Helen Pickett) that featured spoken word, interactive theater usage, a brand-new score and a surreal, multi-layered storyline. But the risk was certainly worth the reward! All the elements aligned for this work and the product was a strikingly innovative achievement.