Professional Dance

Frankfurt Ballet, Director, William Forsythe

Limb’s Theorem*^

Enemy in the Figure^

Impressing The Czar*+^

In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated



Sleeper’s Guts*+^

Love Songs

New Sleep^


The Loss of Small Detail*^

The Second Detail*


As a Garden in this Setting, I and II^

Alie/n A(c)tion*+^

The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude*^

Herman/Schmerman Quntett

Isabelle’s Dance, The Musical +*

The Vile Parody of Address^

Of Any If And +

Snap. Woven Effort * +^

Self Meant to Govern

Die Befragung des Robert Scott

Behind the China Dogs


Same Old Story

* Lead,  ^ Original Cast,  + Lead Speaker, Actress

The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude, William Forsythe

Laura Graham, Noah Gelber, Helen Pickett, Desmond Richardson, Francesca Harper

Isabelle’s Dance, William Forsythe

“The Frankfurt Ballet ensemble, all around talents, throw themselves into singing, acting and dancing with unabandoned lust. Thsi si especially true of Helen Pickett who plays the starlet, Roxy.”
– Gerald Siegmund, Frankfurter Allgemeine

“The dancers of Frankfurt Ballet are singers and comedians with gifts unsurpassed. The laughs are big. Helen Pickett is the indefatigable star.”
– Le Figaro, Rene Sirvin Paris

Mr Galloway and Roxy (Steven Galloway and Helen Pickett)


The Vile Parody of Address, William Forsythe

“Helen Pickett, the first solo, lovely in her fluid movements.”
– Clement Crisp, Paris

Steptext, William Forsythe
Ion Garnika and Helen Pickett

“Helen Pickett, as the vigorous, straightforward woman in red, seizes the moment, takes action and keeps her three men busy, on a short and long line. The precision of the piece, between the melody and the movement, the way it vibrates and trembles, makes this dance dynamically energized. The momentum is wild. The atmosphere is cool, clear and very present.”
– Manuel Brug, Frankfurter Allgemeine, for, Steptext, William Fosrythe, 1995

Eidos/Telos forsythe

William Forsythe
Rehearsal shot, Act 3


Behind the China Dogs
William Forsythe
Ballet Frankfurt

Left to right: Back row: Martin Lammerhirt, Elizabeth Corbett, Hilda Koch,
Front row: Thomas McManus, Helen Pickett


Enemy in the Figure, William Forsythe
Ballet Frankfurt

As a Garden in this Setting, Part 2
William Forsythe
Ballet Frankfurt

Agnes Noltenius

Photograph: Agnes Noltenius

Limb’s Theorem, William Forsythe
Thierry Guiderdoni and Helen Pickett

William Forsythe

The Loss of Small Detail, William Forsythe

Frankfurt Ballet, Frankfurt Opera House

William Forsythe

Love Songs, William Forsythe
Tony Rizzi and Helen Pickett

William Forsythe

The Loss of Small Detail, William Forsythe
Jeppe Mytskov and Helen Pickett

William Forsythe

In Studio at Frankfurt Ballet
Jeff Edwards, Elizabeth Corbett, Tony Rizzi, Helen Pickett


Sleeper’s Guts, William Forsythe

Skinny, William Forsythe
Luc, Betsy, Helen, Tony

In The Middle

In The Middle, William Forsythe