Prayer of Touch

2012, Atlanta Ballet

Peng – Yu Chen & Jesse Tyler

Helen Pickett, who set her gorgeous work “Petal” on the Atlanta Ballet last season, gives outrageously dramatic and humorous life to Mendelssohn violin music in “Prayer of Touch.” The second section in particular pops off the stage with daring little flights of fancy and funny, sharply-observed manifestations of the dramatic dips and turns of Mendelssohn’s music.
– Andrew Alexander, Creative Loafing

Prayer of Touch is one of the most exciting new ballet works I have seen lately, and should appeal to anyone who likes to watch dance.

Pickett’s choreography is expertly crafted, smart, whimsical, witty, daring, and humorous. A very traditional stage draped in fabric and adorned with some square white chairs and her choice of music by romantic composer Felix Mendelssohn belies the contemporary creativity of this work. Jared Tan stood out for the sheer physicality of his performance, but Pickett designed movement that highlighted the strengths of every one of the nine dancers, and they all owned every bit of that movement. The dancers are technically precise and, more importantly, dance with the most confidence I have seen from them this season. If you come to the Alliance to see anything this year, come for this piece.
– Amy Howton, Backstage Beat Atlanta

Tara Lee & John Welker

“Prayer of Touch” found the passion in Felix Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor and personified its internal tugs, sense of urgency and struggle. The title suggests a quiet reverence, but the actual dance was filled with wit, surprises and comical quirks…
– Cynthia Bond Perry, ARTSATL